If Only Sleeping Dogs Would…

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Dog sitting has is many upsides. Tonight has not been one of them. The cheeky chap staying with us at the moment is not too happy about sleeping downstairs as per the house rules. For the sanity of everyone else in the house I got up at one o’clock in the morning after trying to ignore him and have been sat at the computer “programming” ever since.

It’s been exciting! I’ve realised that the only way forward is a complete step backwards and I’ve headed for a textbook on the C programming language. I’m 25% of the way through, so although my eyes ache and I can’t put a pot of coffee on because it will wake the people who’s sleep I’m persevering, it’s actually been quite a productive 4 hours.

Either I’ll win and the dog will sleep soundly tomorrow, I’ll give in and the dog will sleep on the landing tomorrow, or I’ll be a insomniac coding genius by the end of the week….. good job I’m on holiday!



Order Confirmed!!

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Hooray! The day you have all been waiting for has arrived, I have successfully ordered my RaspberryPi! All I need to do now is wait the “up to 4 weeks” RS promises to deliver my product within and I can finally push on with the programming project.

In the meantime I continue to fight with learning to program. (I confess I’ve given up trying to write in C, it was a little boring.) I’ve upgraded to OS X Lion to get a more recent version of Xcode, and that took ages to download but really the lack of progress has been down to poor self motivation.

But with a healthy suntan and the kind of diminished waistline only time spend in the great outdoors can bring I look forward to returning to my quest. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will return to the natural pasty complexion of a programmer and hold the secrets to computer language that comes with!


A Sad Day

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National RaspberryPi day arrived on Wednesday. I was awoken to the sounds of Radio 4 presenters talking about it and rubbing my bleary eyes I rushed downstairs, out to work and then home. After endless conversations where I’d outlined my intentions to equip myself with the newest nerd toy around I finally sat down to spend my money at 6 in the evening. There were none left.

The inescapable feeling of disappointment was satiated only by the happiness of knowing the project has been such a huge initial success. I’ve re-registered my interest and will once again wait for the next batch of boards to be released. I’m glad I didn’t lift the monitor down off the wardrobe upstairs or push my iMac to one side but I’m sad all the same.

No programming recently, just too much work on! Don’t they realise I have a serious hobby to pursue…..

Empty desk space.

The emptiness on my desk/in my life where my RaspberryPi isn't....


A Little Calculator!

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Yes! I have successfully turned my iMac into a very poor substitute for a desktop calculator! Brilliant, if a little too chunky to carry round in your pencil case! Brilliant! Please see below!My latest masterpiece!

It took quite a while (on and off all afternoon in fact!) to get the hang of the nested “else if” statements.

Again, big thanks to Masters-of-the-Void.com


A Bold First Step

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This afternoon I sat down and got started learning to write C. I did a small amount of searching online and stumbled across a tutorial website that guided me through writing my first little piece of C code. I am eternally grateful to the guys who wrote this tutorial website, they probably don’t realise how helpful they’ve been!


Here’s a screenshot of my program I’m writing in X-code (iMac’s developer environment.) You can see the output down there in the bottom right! Exciting stuff!

Baby Steps

It was pretty simple, here’s hoping the next step goes this well too…


Every Journey Starts With A Single Post

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I’m going to write code! Something that does something! Right now I think I’ll settle for anything, hopefully inspiration for the what will strike during the journey from here to there. Unfortunatly the here is a position where I can code nothing, and there is a very long way away.

I’ve spent a weekend with the folks and several photo’s of me have appeared from boxes, one of which is me sat with one of my father’s old machines. I’m already waiting on a RaspberryPI from, the good people at RaspberryPi.org and then I’m off on the journey into computer land seeking knowledge and enrichment. Off to recapture the heady days of youth when a 5 1/2 inch floppy was a good thing and the Terabyte hadn’t been conceived yet! (Please note I’m not as old as this actually makes me sound!)

So please check back, I’ll try and update as often as is sensible but I’m a teacher and free time is a precious commodity! Patience must be your virtue as determination and perseverance will be mine on this journey.